Scaling Resource Efficiency & Cleaner Production (RECP) in the Nairobi Rivers Basin

Background Information

The Kenya National Cleaner Production Centre (KNCPC) will be leading this project based in Nairobi and designed to address water pollution caused by the discharge of untreated industrial effluent by multiple industry types within the Nairobi Rivers Basin. 

The project kicks off with a scoping exercise to map the most urgent water pollution challenges and the priorities in the basin.  Priority industries will be invited to work alongside the project, specifically to receive support from KNCP in the form of site evaluations, recommendations on Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RECP)  interventions and staff training on these practices.  KNCP aims to work with up to 100 manufacturers for RECP training and audits.  An important dimension follows – in that sites will be audited for specific infrastructure investments and identified for financial support.  The project partner, Fintech Frontiers will develop a case for return on investment and facilitate interface with financial partners. By bringing finance providers on board and providing specific training to investors on the business case for cleaner production investments, the project seeks to address a significant barrier to physical investments in pollution abatement.   With better information on the water pollution situation in the Nairobi Rivers, the project will also bring policymakers into the discussion, to address policy incentives and better regulatory control.

From experience, KNCP understands that manufacturers do not adopt progressive improvements, for a range of reasons – poor organisational capacity, lack of skills and access to technology, and low understanding of the long-term commercial benefits.  Poor understanding is shared by the manufacturers and the financial sector, with the result that financing is not readily available for required investments in RECP. 

The broadscale work is paired with targeted wastewater treatment interventions at three pilot sites  This work will be used to build case studies and demonstration sites, that will illustrate environmental compliance benefits and the long-term financial benefits of circular water use and greater resource efficiency. The wastewater case studies will be used alongside the broader campaign to implement Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production practices amongst the heaviest polluting industries in the Nairobi Rivers Basin and to show the potential for large-scale environmental improvements in the water quality of the Nairobi Rivers

The pilot supports the delivery of the Industrial Pollution Control outcomes of the Nairobi Rivers Commission (NRC),  launched by President William Ruto in February 2023.

Image: Nairobi river flowing through Kibera, Nairobi 
Source: AP News, Khalil Senosi (link)


Scoping and mapping are underway, to identify the most urgent water pollution challenges and the priorities in the basin.

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1 November 2023 – 31 March 2026



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