Sustainable Manufacturing and Environmental Pollution Programme



The SMEP programme is backed by a £24.6 million research fund established by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).

Programme activities in SMEP target regions and countries will be undertaken through third-party suppliers. The Programme Management Agent (PMA) is responsible for administering and managing the contracts for suppliers under the guidance of FCDO, UNCTAD and the Programme Steering Committee.

Suppliers will be contracted to deliver activities along a spectrum of interventions including technical, quantitative and qualitative research, commercial modelling, process facilitation, and policy modelling.

Research will be commissioned through a variety of contracting routes, from open calls for proposals to specific requests for quotations. Short- (3 to 6 months), medium- (6 to 24 months) and long-term (3 to 5 years) contracts are envisaged over the lifetime of the programme, with implementation beginning by November 2020. Contract values may range from £25,000 to £5 million. Competitive selection will be based on a proven track record, expertise, and in-country experience.

Procurement will be run strictly in accordance to FCDO-UK procurement rules. Bidders’ attention is drawn to SMEP’s alignment with the expectations of Her Majesty’s Government regarding Open and Enhanced Access to research as per the policy and guidance provided here.


Due to the unprecedented impact of global events, the SMEP programme may be required to adjust current budgets, operational time-frames, and scope of planned procurement exercises. While we aim to publish regular updates, please be aware that changes may be advertised at a very short notice. If you or your organisation are planning to bid for any work under the SMEP programme, please check the procurement portal and SMEP website regularly.



Starting from July 2022, SMEP have been launching a series of staggered calls in the manufacturing pollution stream. Please see more information on the manufacturing pollution page.


In May 2021, SMEP launched a call for addressing plastics pollution. The call remained open for seven weeks. 17 shortlisted applicants were invited to submit a full proposal, 10 of which were contracted for delivery. Please see more information on the plastics procurement page. 

In November 2020, SMEP launched two restricted procurement calls, focusing on Industrial Pollution in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia

  • C_002: Development of detailed designs for future research: Prioritising pollution abatement intervention in the national context
  • C_003: Detailed Design for future SMEP intervention, Phase 1: Surfacing (private sector-led) opportunities for the practical application and scaling of pollution mitigation solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. 

A summary table of the current contracts under C_002 and C_003 is available here and on the Implementation to date page

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