Research Report: Manufacturing pollution in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia: Implications for the environment, health and future work.

A scoping study was commissioned by the SMEP programme at the inception of the initiative to lay the foundational base for understanding the consequences of environmental degradation caused by manufacturing industries in these two regions.

Despite acknowledging limitations in available data at the time, this research report identifies and map manufacturing activity, the types of pollution associated with key manufacturing industries and the potential impact of this pollution on the environment and human health.

The results from this study are being used to inform and further define the scope of research and procurement calls commissioned under the SMEP programme.

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September 2020


Stockholm Environmental Institute & University of York


Publication, Report, Research Outputs



Food & Beverage Sector, Manufacturing Pollution, Plastic Pollution, Tanneries Sector, Textiles Sector, Used Lead Acid Batteries


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