Sustainable Manufacturing and Environmental Pollution Programme


In May 2021, SMEP launched an open Call for Concepts that resulted in 17 shortlisted applicants being invited to submit a full proposal. Ten of these were contracted for delivery. For more information see the Plastics Intervention page.


In November 2020, SMEP launched two procurement calls, focusing on industrial pollution in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia: 

1. Development of detailed designs for future research: Prioritising pollution abatement intervention in the national context

In Bangladesh and Pakistan the Global Alliance on Health and Pollution (GAHP) was awarded a contract to investigate the application of a pollution hazard ranking tool to identify priority sectors. The tanneries sector was prioritised for Pakistan and the Used Lead Acid Battery sector for Bangladesh.  GAHP’s proposed interventions for these sectors can be found in the Synopsis Report.

Transformational Economic Infrastructure for Africa (TeifaIQ) was contracted in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania to identify high-priority sectors, where opportunities present for intervention to reduce or prevent waste generation at the source through resource efficiency, cleaner production measures and waste-to-resource conversion technologies. The distilleries, tanneries and textiles sectors were prioritised; for more details see the Synopsis Report.

  1. 2. Detailed design for future SMEP intervention, Phase 1: Surfacing private sector-led opportunities for practical application and scaling of pollution mitigation solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

Pure Earth was contracted in Bangladesh to evaluate opportunities for private sector-led solutions to pollution caused by the tanneries (with emphasis on hexavalent chromium) and recycled lead battery industries. More details are available in the Synopsis Report

Open Capital Advisors was contracted in Kenya and Uganda to evaluate private sector-led opportunities for pollution mitigation. More details available in the Synopsis Report


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