Sustainable Manufacturing and Environmental Pollution Programme

United Republic of Tanzania

SMEP Chapters: Tanzania, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kenya

SMEP Video Series: Tanzania, Kenya, Pakistan & Bangladesh View this series of videos produced by UNCTAD for the SMEP Programme to gain an understanding of the manufacturing and plastic pollution realities in these geographies. View YouTube video: Tanzania View YouTube video: Pakistan View YouTube video: Kenya View YouTube video: Bangladesh

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Harmonised system (HS) Subheadings for Plastic Substitutes

Harmonised System (HS) Subheadings for Plastic Substitutes The factsheet presents an illustrative list of substitute products for single-use plastics as well as the relevant feedstocks, used in their manufacture, together with the corresponding Harmonised System codes and product descriptions at the six-digit level. 

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East Africa Regional Workshop on Single Use Plastics

East African Regional Workshop on Single-Use-Plastics This report is the a result of the workshop organised for the purpose of targeted training activities for legislators and environmental authorities in East Africa working plastic pollution. The workshop was organised by ALN Academy, the International Conservation Caucus Foundation (ICCF) Group and the Flipflopi Project Foundation and facilitated by the United Nations

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Enabling concerted multilateral action on plastic pollution and plastics substitutes

Enabling concerted multilateral action on plastic pollution and plastic substitutes This report acknowledges that for multiple parallel and inclusive responses within the United Nations and the multilateral trading system are needed to succeed in curbing plastic pollution. It argues that improvements in trade and domestic governance, including to promote plastic substitutes, alternatives and increased material

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Material substitutes to single-use plastics

Material Substitution to Single-Use-Plastic in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Case studies from Bangladesh, Kenya and Nigeria This paper assesses the economic and technical feasibility of the production, deployment and scale-up of substitutes for single-use plastics (SUPs) in selected countries in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. A shift towards SUP substitutes could be one means

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Market Assessment: Surfacing pollution mitigation solutions in East Africa

Market Assessment: Surfacing pollution mitigation solutions in East Africa Open Capital Advisors was appointed by SMEP to conduct a market assessment into possible pollution mitigation solutions in East Africa to support the SMEP procurement call [Piloting Technology solutions] by creating awareness of such solutions that could be implemented by manufacturers to meet SMEP’s key objectives

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