Sustainable Manufacturing and Environmental Pollution Programme

SMEP impact:

By funding scalable initiatives that reduce pollution entering the environment and atmosphere, the SMEP Programme aims to contribute to systems resilience, whilst fostering sustainable livelihoods through business model innovation. Most of the these initiatives and projects are developing and testing technology-based solutions and cleaner production methods to address excessive environmental pollution in the target areas [Please visit our Projects Profiles]. The resultant reduction in pollution will benefit the surrounding natural systems and ultimately have a positive impact on human health. 


The SMEP programme is constantly collecting data on pollution and environmental health to evaluate the overall environmental impact of its ongoing projects. At present, the cumulative effect can be classified into the following categories: 

  • contribution to diverting plastic and organic waste from landfill,
  • repurposing plastic and organic waste into valuable by-products, and
  • substituting plastic with biodegradable alternatives.
 The graphics presented below offer a glimpse into this impact.
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