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To learn more about the individual SMEP funded projects, please browse this showcase, either through the interactive map or by visiting the project portfolio below.

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The FlipFlopi Project

Feasibility of a Biogas and Wastewater plant for a Fish Farm

GIVO / Warwick Project

Multi-technology industrial organic waste solution

Complete Pineapple Waste  Solution

Biochar production from Food Waste


Solutions to informal recycling of Used Lead Acid Batteries

Wastewater treatment technology for the plastics recycling industry

Chinhoyi University Project

Agrimulchfilm Project

Complete Pineapple Waste  Solution

GAIA Biomaterials

GAIA Biomaterials

Freshppact Impact Hub

B-Prism Project

Plastic-to-Ghar project

Uganda Circular Textiles

Reverse Resources

Optimising a textile manufacturing site as demonstration site

SAFECONOMY - Reinventing the Textile Circular Economy

ZLD installation for purifying and reusing textile wastewater

       Sub-Saharan Africa |

                                                            | South Asia 


Keep in mind that certain projects may have a broader range of impact and potential uses beyond what has been presented here. For additional details, we recommend visiting the specific project pages.

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SAFECONOMY – Reinventing the Textile Circular Economy

The University of Northumbria, along with its consortium partners, proposes to address the release of hazardous chemicals into the environment from textiles manufacturing wastewater through piloting an innovative Molecular Distortion Technology for treating textile wastewater in Pakistan, a textiles manufacturing hotspot. 

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Optimizing a textile manufacturing facility as demonstration site to reuse water and enhance wastewater management

The textile industry faces environmental challenges such as excessive water consumption and wastewater pollution. Bangladesh’s textile manufacturing industry has announced sustainability goals, including reducing its blue water footprint and meeting wastewater guidelines. This project aims to showcase that this goal can be realised and address social and environmental water impacts

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Uganda Circular Textiles

The Uganda Circular Textile project is designed to support a transition to a local Ugandan textile manufacturing base by incorporating clothes that would have otherwise ended up in landfill into new products and design.    The project will assess the existing second-hand textile value chains in Kampala to establish the types

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