Sustainable Manufacturing and Environmental Pollution Programme

South Africa

The Agrimulchfilm Project

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research CSIR), South Africa, has collaborated with Elizade University, Nigeria, in AgriBioMulchFilm Project to develop biodegradable mulch films (BDM) by using locally available natural polymers such as starch and other additives to customise biodegradation rates of mulches, to replace the current non biodegradable Polyethylene (PE) mulch films.

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Gaia Biomaterials AB

Catchgreen, in collaboration with Swedish-based GAIA Biomaterials, has developed a global first biopolymer to replace harmful plastics in the fishing industry. Our inaugural product is an African-manufactured biodegradable fishing net. Our nets biodegrade with zero microplastics or toxins and provide a solution to marine plastic waste.

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