The GIVO-Warwick Project

Background Information

Digitally-enabled GIVO Centres within communities will be a hub for interception and aggregation of postconsumer plastic processed into flake/pellet recyclates. The GIVO technical and data systems will make it possible to identify, track, and report the plastics that enter and flow through the systems to provide easily understandable information about plastic types and volumes that are being processed (and reduce the external waste/pollution environment). Expected value chain impacts include improved livelihoods for waste generators by providing financial incentives for recyclables deposited.

The GIVO model concept and design are expected to yield broader impacts across the value chain and supply chain, some of which may be measurable; for others, the effect will be extrapolated. GIVO will provide formalized employment for waste pickers who are currently underpaid and exploited by an informal waste management system and several other formal jobs for skilled personnel. Therefore, the IT system becomes a critical legacy product of the SMEP project with a broad range of value propositions, including supporting regulators and policymakers with their strategic response to the waste management and recycling challenge.


Despite having experience operational challenges include due to various contextual uncertainties (elections in Nigeria; global inflation; local scarcity of fuel etc), the team continue to remove large volumes of plastic waste from the environment.

The team is also active in ongoing stakeholder engagement to share their learnings with other programs and initiatives (for example with the ProBlue program and UNIDO) and to discuss key aspects of plastic waste recycling such as the role of Extended Producer Responsibility and how best such schemes could be implemented.

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Jan 2022 – March 2026



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