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Riverrecycle Oy, in collaboration with Beach Clean-up Ghana Ltd and Ambitious Africa, is implementing river cleaning technology to collect plastic waste in the Kpeshi Lagoon. The project is engaging the local community in a land-based collection system and creating value for the plastic waste collected by utilising the waste as feedstock for mechanical and chemical recycling.

The end products of the process are plastic flakes, plastic boards and pyrolysis oil that will replace virgin materials in the manufacturing process. The Ghana Clean-up project supports the transition to the circular economy, ensuring the recovery of existing plastic waste and allowing future plastic to remain in circulation for longer. The project prevents plastic flow into the oceans by recovering plastics from coastal areas and water bodies. This action helps reduce Ocean plastic pollution and directly improves the biodiversity and the health of the water. A paired land-based collection established through a community engagement program offers a free-of-charge waste management service to prevent plastic waste from getting into the environment in the first place. The project provides alternative plastic waste management methods for the local community, avoiding the plastics being burned, leaked into the environment or discarded in dumpsites and unhygienic landfills without a proper landfill gas capture system. Embedding the community engagement program in the community will build urban symbiosis with businesses along the beach, e.g., restaurants and bars.


The team has successfully completed the facility upgrade and the installation of the main production line for the plastic board, ready to trial with 500kg of shredded low value plastic. They have also completed an outreach program where a number of public engagement events were held and  segregating bins were distributed to 22 schools, markets and the municipalities.

It is planned to continue with this momentum during the next implementation phases to install the booms and collect plastic waste, secure revenue generation from plastic credits to subsidy the operation, complete the trial production with samples to send to potential off-takers, secure buyers for the PET flakes, amongst others.

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January 2022 – March 2026



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