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SWITCH to Circular Economy Value Chains: Call for expressions of interest for projects on circular plastic packaging and textiles in developing countries 

Open Until 15 September 2021

Opportunities for acceleration of circular economy solutions in the plastics supply chain in developing countries: 

A partnership led by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has issued a call for expressions of interest for pilot projects aiming to accelerate the circular economy in two critical value chains in developing countries, namely textiles and garments, and plastic packaging. Submissions from European Union-headquartered multinational corporations (MNCs) working with suppliers in developing countries to implement circular practices are welcomed. The SWITCH to Circular Economy Value Chains partnership aims to connect suppliers of selected multinationals with experts to overcome circular economy challenges in pilot projects that involve all relevant actors across value chains.  

The call is part of the UNIDO-led, five-year “SWITCH to Circular Economy Value Chains” project.  

More context information can be found  here.

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