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Profile Sheet: The Plastic to Ghar

Project Profile Sheet: The Plastic to Ghar The University of Cambridge, Impact Hub Kathmandu and Field Ready UK have teamed up to establish an innovation and business support ecosystem to incubate new and emerging businesses working to provide solutions that address plastics wastes, transforming these into durable, long-lasting housing products

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Project Profile Sheet: GIVO-Warwick

The University of Warwick and GIVO Africa have teamed up to tackle the problem of plastic waste in Nigeria by deploying a simple, modular, readily-scalable, sustainable, digital-enabled waste management solution. The GIVO project will develop digital tools to enable smart and efficient operations of GIVO centres.   DOWNLOAD

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Project Profile Sheet: Ghana Clean-up

Project Profile Sheet: The Ghana Clean-up Riverrecycle Oy, in collaboration with Beach Clean-up Ghana Ltd and Ambitious Africa, is implementing river cleaning technology to collect plastic waste in the Kpeshi Lagoon. The project is engaging the local community in a land-based collection system and creating value for the plastic waste

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Project Profile Sheet: The Chinhoyi University Project

The Chinhoyi University of Technology, Zimbabwe and Kudiwa Waste and Energy Solutions have teamed up to prototype and then produce solar roofing tiles from plastic waste composite material. By creating a demand for plastic waste as feedstock for the roof tiles, the project plays a vital role in supporting the

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Project Profile Sheet: The AgriBioMulchFilm Project

Project Profile Sheet: The AgriBioMulchFilm Project The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), South Africa, has collaborated with Elizade University, Nigeria, in AgriBioMulchFilm Project to develop biodegradable mulch films (BDM) by using locally available natural polymers such as starch and other additives to customise biodegradation rates of mulches, to

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Project Profile Sheet: GAIA Biomaterials

Project Profile Sheet: GAIA Biomaterials GAIA Biomaterials, in collaboration with South African-based Kompost-it, FishSA, Alnet, and the Norwegian Independent Research organisation, SINTEF, are replacing harmful polyethene fishing nets with biodegradable nets engineered to match the performance of conventional fishing nets, but if lost or dumped, these nest will disintegrate into

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