Multi-technology industrial organic waste solution, implemented by Takataka Solutions and Chanzi Ltd.

Background Information

TakaTaka Solutions and Chanzi will partner to deliver a pilot for on-site sorting and collection of organic waste from various manufacturers and will process this into products such as commercial feed and organic fertilizer that have a market in the food and beverages value chain.   

Sorted waste streams will be utilised as follows:   

  • Input as feed for black soldier fly (BSF) larvae, which are in turn processed into high-protein animal feed, with the frass (larvae excrement) as by-product.  Research partners, German Biomass Institute Leipzig, will conduct applied experiments to optimize BSF yield and breadth of processable materials.
  • Input to a pyrolysis process for conversion into biochar which in turn has value as a stand-alone product, as an input to the BSF production to control ammonia content, and combined with frass from the BSF comprises a high value product marketed to agricultural companies for carbon sequestering, nitrogen rich, soil improving
  • Composting for output into affordable, environmentally friendly fertilizer that can be used in local agriculture.

Food processing facilities face high disposal costs or fines for illegally dumping of organic wastes. The pilot offers affordable and responsible alternatives to the conventional disposal of organic waste, as well as demonstrating a long term commercially sustainable case for on-site sorting and collection.  

The value added by-products from this project are expected to be of high value and significantly cheaper than currently used alternatives, specifically frass fertiliser and compost over synthetic fertilizer alternatives, BSF feed over current alternative fish meal and biochar as a new market for soil enhancement.  Opportunity exists for small scale businesses to be involved in the distribution of products.  The pilot project will aim to demonstrate the commercial viability of the technologies on the basis of these market opportunities and prevent the release of diverse organic waste into the environment, aiming to divert 4800tonnes/year organic waste for TakaTaka. 

Both consortium partners are established businesses currently repurposing waste. TakaTaka Solutions collects waste from residential areas, commercial buildings, and institutions which are then either sorted, recycled, composted or incinerated. Chanzi on the other hand has an established black soldier fly facility, using this to convert organic waste into protein for animal feed. Both will bring their respective capabilities on this concept to scale their operations to intercept waste coming from the manufacturing sector. Research partners University of Surrey and Greenwich will conduct academically rigorous applied experiments. 

Photo Credit: TakaTaka Solutions


Within the first 6 months of project implementation, the following was achieved:

  • Expansion of the black soldier fly (BSF) and composting facilities completed.
  • Up to 1752.5 metric tonnes of food waste was diverted from landfills, and collected from +5 factories.  The volume is expected to double by January 2024.
  • 304 metric tonnes of KEBS-certified compost was produced. The project has acquired +2 compost off-takers.
  • 3 metric tonnes of frass were produced from 12 grow houses and 1 off-taker secured.

Chanzi hosted a site launch in Nairobi 8 December 2023, including a site visit for guests and a panel discussion on the role of inspect protein for circular food systems.

The project created new jobs, and as a result, 34 people are now employed from surrounding communities. Most of the new employees are women

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Implementing partner: Chanzi

Research partner: German Biomass Institute Leipzig

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