Registration of Interest


22 April 2022

Stakeholders interested in receiving information on the SMEP Programme’s procurement and funding opportunities are invited to register their interest on the online Registration of Interest (RoI) platform. Completing the RoI is a mandatory step for submitting any applications for funding or to provide services to the programme. The RoI form can be completed in an individual capacity or on behalf of an organisation. The registration process does not require submission of any supporting documentation and takes approximately ten minutes.

The RoI asks questions in five areas:

    • Areas of interest – providing specialist services or applying for grant funding;
    • General identifying information;
    • Indication of capacity in which the registration is being made;
    • Alignment of technical expertise with SMEP’s objectives and logframe; and
    • Light touch due diligence.

Reference copies of the RoI online form are available here for those registering in their individual (personal) capacity and here for those registering on behalf of an organisation.

The RoI platform will remain open for the duration of the SMEP programme, so registration may take place at any time.

Registered stakeholders may be contacted with opportunities related to restricted procurements where areas of locality or professional specialisations align with SMEP delivery and research requirements.

The SMEP Programme adheres to General Data Protection Regulations.  Data provided through the RoI will not be shared outside the SMEP Programme. Data is retained for the duration of the SMEP programme unless there is a request to remove/withdraw registered interest. Consent to the SMEP programme to use RoI data can be withdrawn at any time, by sending the request to

Assistance with completing the form can be provided by sending an email request to